Feeling the burn

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Racing

“The fire inside, the fire inside / You can’t run from what’s in your blood and you can’t hide / The fire inside” – Bon Jovi

I was trying to do a write-up on how it has been both very easy and yet very hard to be away from racing.  It is all summed up by the lyrics above.  Racing can’t be described as anything less than being in my blood.

I was a handful of paragraphs into trying to explain that I still wish like hell every day that I was involved with the sport; that my PR days weren’t limited to just one, too short of a season.  But I couldn’t do it.  Reading back over each paragraph I realized I was failing horribly at leaving my “political stance” out of the picture.  I was failing to speak of the present tense with a positive light.  I care too much about the sport.

While those negativities made it so easy to walk away, they also have made it very difficult.  It always sucks when you can’t step away from what you love on your own terms.  Yes, I admit that I chose to walk away.  However, I felt that I had the decision made for me because it was too damn painful to watch the sport (and the way of life for that matter) that I love so much put itself through such disarray.  As far as the local level of racing, things are in the toilet.  I’m not just talking about here in the Northwest – every corner of the country is in the same situation.

However, it’s days like this that make me want to get back involved.  To flip on the TV (and these days the various social media outlets online) to follow such an amazing race as the 24 Hours of Daytona, it really gets the racing infused blood going.  There’s no denying that there is still real racing out there: endurance (which has always been my favorite form of car racing), Formula 1, NHRA (though I still frown mightily upon their shortening of the track a few years ago) and World Rally to name a few.  Outside of cars, dirt bikes (off-road, Supercross, Motocross) will forever be my preferred genre of the sport.

Some major organizations here in North America have gotten way too far away from their foundation.   Others such as the ones listed above are still on the right path.  Those are the ones that everyone needs to make note of.  Those are the ones that give me hope that one day things will get back to the way they use to be; the ones that make me want to pick up my pen again and do what I love to do best – promote and live the sport that I love.  Yet, I realize those days are either too far into the future or are never going to come at all.  That’s the realization that makes me satisfied in my decision to walk away.

But, there’s no denying that “The Fire Inside” will always be burning to ink a blank page with my blood, full of the sport I will forever love.



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