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Wow, where to begin.  I guess I really let things slip being that I haven’t written in three months.  I always thought I’d have to die before that happened…again.  Seriously though, I don’t know how to get started so I guess I’ll just blow through some key points on my mind and see where things end up going.

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  • The biggest news on an overall scale is the return of the NHL for the 2013 season.  Yes, I said 2013 because I cannot stand anyone who still references it as 2012-13.  How can you include the ’12 when there was no existence of any play during that half of the season?  Anyway, as I had said all along I will not give a damn about how things play out because the season is one big, tainted joke.  That’s not to say that I won’t somewhat pay attention.  Out of all the games that have been played, I’ve watched parts of four and listened on radio to parts of three others.  One of those TV games and all three radio games have gone to shootouts but that’s a rant that deserves its own time and space.

Some of you probably are accusing me of being hypocritical  for even tuning in, but I genuinely don’t care.  Who has the best record in the league?  Couldn’t tell you.  Who has the worst? Again, couldn’t tell you.  Who is leading in goals scored or points?  You know my answer.  Where’s my NHL gear that I own?  Still in the closet where showing support for the owners belongs.  When this 48-game regular season comes to an end, I will pay slightly more attention.  My belief is that the top teams heading into the playoffs at the end of 48-games would be the same teams as if it were a full 82-game season.  Yes, seeding might be different and the bottom couple of teams might have changed, but as a whole it will still be the best teams playing for the Stanley Cup.

  • Earlier this month the Silvertips relieved second year Head Coach Mark Ferner and Assistant Coach Chris Hartsburg of their duties; General Manager Garry Davidson is carrying the “Interim Head Coach” title for the rest of the season.  I still find this a bit of a confusing move as the team was doing much better this season despite rebuilding than it was at the same point last year.  Since Davidson’s decision, you can argue that the team has been much less consistent.  Why not make the move before the season even began if you knew that the coach and GM weren’t on the same page?
  • My second-to-last posting was in regards to the idea NASCAR was floating around of holding a dirt race for their truck series.  Just a matter of days after I wrote that, the official announcement was made.  Last week in a press conference NASCAR’s front man Brian France referenced judgment and decision making errors that the organization has made in the past couple of decades.  Once the novelty of this idea wears off it will be brought up in that same light a few years down the road.
  • The IndyCar Series announced changes to their format for several races this upcoming season.  They involve combinations of various aspects including different qualifying systems, heat races, double-segmented races, standing starts and some other tweaks.  A key note is that most of these things only apply to road/street course races.  Unlike the NASCAR Truck thing, I have no problems with these format changes.  There’s one glaring reason: consistency.  All of these things will be utilized on several occasions; they won’t be a one-off anomaly that goes against everything the series has always stood for.  These different elements have been dabbled in over the past few seasons and they are things that all of the drivers are accustomed to from previous series and experience.
  • On a personal front, 2013 is starting off great from a music standpoint.  My top three favorite artists of Bon Jovi (What About Now), Goo Goo Dolls (Magnetic) and Michelle Branch (West Coast Time [a year-and-a-half delayed]) are all releasing new music throughout the first handful of months.  The Boys from Jersey have already put out the first single – “Because We Can” – though no release date on the album has been publicized.  As for Buffalo’s own, “Rebel Beat” has been released on the internet ahead of the album’s May 7th release, but we have to wait until February 12th to purchase the single.  In terms of Michelle’s next musical installment, the spring is all that has been mentioned.  However, back in late summer of 2011, “Loud Music” was the first single to hit the airwaves to promote the album that was victimized by hold-ups at the label level.

Bottom line is that ‘13 is going to be amazing and all of this new music at the start is perfect timing because it will give an incredible soundtrack to my life for it all.

——– —–

So, there you have it.  Three months of randomness condensed into a few bullet points of, well – randomness.  My prediction is that there will be even more randomness to randomly attempt putting into words for another random blog at a random time some point not too far down the line.  No, I didn’t plan all of that it just came out that way.  I guess you could say it was…everybody at once now…random.